Saturday, September 08, 2007

The truth is in the details

I am now about to annihilate another old Bull---t cliche. The Devil is not in the details.

The Devil hates details and he likes the ambiguity of generalities. It gives Satin plenty of room to maneuver and pull his lying @$$ s--t.

No......the TRUTH is in the details. This is where things add up or don't. The place where the lies stand out like broken records.

That is why I spend so much time examining everything I can down to the molecular level even trying to understand what the truth really is.

That is why laws should be very simple straight forward and easy to understand like as in thou shall not. The more wordy a law gets the easier it is for the Devil to manipulate the situation.

The rest should be left up to the people to decide what is the truth and to accept or reject what people say and do or to patronize or not patronize.


Anonymous said...

I took this for my blog. No one could have written it more beautifully - the truth is in the details!

- Teflonman

Starsplash said...

By all means. If the world demands that I do so give my permission then I do so with joy.