Thursday, August 30, 2007


Bi-Polar disease is a form of insanity and my wife is insane. There is absolutely no way in earth to cure this disease and the psychiatric community only knows how to mask the symptoms.
It upsets me to realize that the last two wives both have the disease.

Some of the outward symptoms are

Inability to prioritize,
Inability to make decisions,
Destructive behavior patterns,
Inability to keep a job,

Inability to manage money,
Destructivly obsessive traits,
Destructive compulsive traits,
Suicidal tendencies,

My personal experience with these people who have this disease is that they are paranoid, fearful, pathological liars, manipulative, controlling vindictive and vengeful along with a plethora of other problems. They cannot be reasoned with in any way. Once they have their minds made up they will do whatever they have decided no matter the consequences.

For instance Karen decided to keep the household income to her self thinking that section 8 housing would be instantly available in spite of the fact that we could have been evicted in 30 days from our home and she would have ended up in a homeless shelter.

Karen has told me that she knows that she has these problems and has prayed about them to Jesus often but it take Faith that these things will be overcome both in effort by oneself and that God will be there to strengthen you in the matter. She does not have the faith to go along with the prayers. No faith, no answers to prayer. She is praying faithless prayers or worse, making prayers that she does not want answered, a trait that may make Jesus mad. Not a good thing to do. I know just ask me.

I can't take her out there with me because her commitment to Jesus is far less than is needed to just jaunt off and do something for Jesus such as maybe help build a home with habitat for humanity or serve up free hot dogs on the freeway. It takes a measure of faith to just put yourself in a position when you may not know where your next meal is coming from. Faith that at this time she doesn't have. We could get out there with meager resources and she could have one of her patent panic attacks and burn up what little money we had just to get her someplace she would feel safe.

She doesn't realize that it is the Holy spirit convicting her of her sins and instead is writing her guilt off as depression.

Most of them have been victimized.

There is a cure though.

Jesus Christ.


Lucy Stern said...

Ron, go buy a copy of the book: "The Omega 3 Connection" by Andrew L. Stoll. It is a book about how omega 3 fatty acids help people with depression and bi-polar disorders. Mister Stoll is a doctor who has studied these problems for years and he is noted for helping them conquer their disorders.

God will helps people who help themselves. Check out the book and see if it talks about her symptoms. It can't hurt to try.

ron said...

My wife and my relationship is to far gone for her to listen to me.

We have taken to many steps towards
a permanent seperation.

Thank you so much for the kind advice though. It is a great comfort.

She apoligized this morning for not being able to decide.

I am so sorry that she cannot come with me because one of the greatest healers is to go out and do for others.

God so blesses people who do such a thing.