Monday, August 27, 2007

The yellow light is now on!!!!

Last night at about midnight I turned the TV off and as I went around the house turning off lights preparing to go to bed, I noticed that the TV was still on in my wife's bedroom the door was cracked and so I peeked in. She was sleeping so I snuck in and turned the TV off. I stopped in my tracks because of the smell.
THERE IT WAS. That freaking smell of what I think is dope. In particular CRACK.

Between the time I had been in there; 8-9 o'clock (no smell)and the time I had turned off the TV(smell) she done something.

I would be willing to bet that if I had the sheriff bring the drug dogs in here I might get some satisfaction in seeing her out of here in cuffs or would I? No matter how mad I am at the prospect I still have not directly observed the miss deed and then there is the hard choice to have someone whom I have considered beloved even if it is in the past. So I will wait until I have absolute confirmation lest I do something undeniably stupid. After all there could be some completely logical explanation.

Of course after the way that this same dept. treated me last week I don't know if I trust them so maybe I should take it to the next couple of levels. Do a little bypass and some sideways movement to get some honest cops in here to nab her. But you and I will have to wait. Have to.


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